Okinawa – Back to Onna-son

We went back to Onnna-son, Okinawa for more snorkelling in 2017.   As usual, we picked up our pocket wifi at the airport and waited for staff from the rental car company.  I found a cheap and cheerful Toyomi Rental Car. The owner was so nice. He gave us some delicious cakes upon arrival!

We took the same route as the last time to drive up to Onnna son.
This time, we stayed at a cottage 20 minutes away from the busy Onnnason street by car. There was no beach to walk to for snorkelling and we had to drive anywhere except Lawson, but we liked the cottage.  My sister joined us with her husband and two daughters for a couple of nights.  It was large enough to accommodate us all.

We checked out the beaches close to us for snorkelling first, but we didn`t really like any of them. We went back to Nabee beach.  Good old Nabee beach.  It never let us down!  We had a good snorkelling there again.

Then, we went to Blue Cave.  My daughter was a confident swimmer by this time.    It was just a great snorkelling spot.  No wonder everyone talks about it.  We snorkelled there twice.  You don’t need to join a tour or anything.  If you have the necessary equipment, you can just do it yourself.  Make sure to wear sea shoes.  There are a lot of sea urchins on the rocks where you have to entre the water.  Pay attention to the tides and keep your stuff (no valuables!) on the rocks much higher than the entering point.

When we snorkelled for the second time, we were more aware of many groups led by the snorkelling tour providers.  These people in groups were kicking the corals without noticing.  They need to take some kind of training on what you shouldn’t do.   With so many people damaging the corals there without realising it, sadly, days might be numbered for Blue Cave sea creatures.

Other activities that we did this time include going to ‘Ryukyu Village’.  It was fun.  My daughter really enjoyed ‘weaving’ using a traditional Okinawa weaving machine.

After several days, we moved to Intercontinental Hotel Resort in Onnnason.  I saved all my credit card points for free 3 nights there.   What a fabulous resort.  It had everything you wanted.  Bath house, swimming pools, beach, garden, fireworks, dinner show.  They even gave us a free sightseeing boat trip.   Hotel dinner show that we went for my husband’s birthday was enjoyable and their buffet was superb.

We all agreed that their breakfast buffet was the best breakfast we ever had.   An occasional luxury is good…

Before I go, I must mention our favourite restaurant in Onnnason.
‘jam’ steak restaurant. They cook in front of you in Teppanyaki style. Yum.