Fukuoka – Getting There

I’m from Fukuoka in Japan.

I go there every summer with my family.  Fukuoka is 5th biggest city in Japan. Its airport is right in the city unlike other large airports in Japan.  It takes only 10-15 minutes to get to the centre of Fukuoka City by Chikatetsu (underground train).  For that reason, I like flying to Fukuoka International airport.

However, if you love shopping at the airport, Fukuoka International airport is not the place. Fukuoka Domestic airport adjcent to the International airport offers more shops and restaurants.  You need to take a free shuttle bus to travel between International airport and Domestic airport.   So it is not great for shopping.   Osaka Kansai airport and Tokyo Narita Airport are great for shopping and spending time (who wants to spend any time at the airport!!).

As usual, I searched cheap flights on skyscanner.  Since KLM pulled out of Fukuoka-Amsterdam route,  I have been trying different airline companies. KLM was great because I could fly from the local airport (Southampton) and  transfer in Amsterdam for Fukuoka.  I will have to talk about the airlines that I used (and liked/disliked) in a separate article, as I can moan a lot about some of the companies.  Korean Air (used to be rubbish but now fab! Duty Free mad..) , Lufthansa (trusting carrier with edible food. Free kids toys.), Cathay Pacific (I used to work for them. rubbish food, long transit, small leg room.), Virgin (stopped flying to Japan. Are you mad?), I can go on….

Getting back to Fukuoka, I normally stay with my sister in Fukuoka City for a couple of nights before heading to Kitakyushu City where my parents live.  People in Fukuoka City have a light, rather sweet dialect and they are warm people.  I enjoy their company.   The city is built along the sea and some of the beaches are pretty good.

The biggest event in Fukuoka City is definitely, Hakata Gion Yamakasa in July.  This traditional festival is run by men.  The men who participate in this adrenalin-pumping event start to act strangely around May.  They can’t concetrate on anything.  They normally remain in their own world until a few weeks after the festival.

If you are an early riser and visiting Fukuoka City in July, experience this energetic festival.