Onsen – Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki (Kochi)

I love Onsen (hot spring).  I visit at least two different places during my holiday in Japan.  In 2018, I went to Onsen bath house four times in a week.  We only go to the place with Rotenburo (outside bath).  One of them was at Ashizuri Pacific Hotel Hanatsubaki near Ashizuri Cape in Kochi prefecture.

Once upon a time, this hotel was used by Japanese royal family.  I must say they have not moved on since then…  The lounge area by the reception still shows its pride with an impressive wooden table and the view of Pacific Ocean.

To get to Rotenburo from the reception, where you pay the admission for the bath, you need to go two floors down to the changing rooms.  My husband went his way and my daughter and I entered the ladies area.  There was no aircon in the large changing area. Just good old fans…  It was late August and the temperature was over 30 degree.  Never mind. No lockers. Never mind.  Just get on with it!

We walked into the bath area.  I must explain the etiquette of bath house in a separate article.  We washed ourselves thoroughly and followed the sign for Rotenburo.

First the long stairs then the long corridor with green carpet.  It went on and on and on.  My daughter and I looked at each other when we came to the windows on the both sides.  We looked out.  There was a path in the garden near the windows.  We realised that anyone strolling in the garden could see us walking naked in this never ending corridor.  Fighting against the desire to walk back to the indoor bath area, we pressed on. It is a very strange feeling to walk naked in a corridor for such a long time (5-7min walk).

Finally, we reached Rotenburo.  What a magnificent view!  There is nothing between us and Pacific Ocean.  There was no one else. We shouted towards the bamboo fence for my husband.  He was in the mens Rotenburo alone, too.  He was also confused about the long corridor.  According to him, there was no window in the mens corridor. Why the windows in the ladies one then?

We just sat in Rotenburo for a long time.

If you are visiting Ashizuri Cape, perhaps pop in here and relax before heading back on the road.