NHK World – Easy Japanese Basic

NHK (equivalent of BBC in Japan) Wold broadcast free Japanese lessons on radio.  They provide the free textbook on their website for this radio program.

It is great for those people who don’t really want to learn how to read/write, but just want to learn how to speak.  The textbook provides both Japanese and English text.

As a Japanese language tutor, I always recommend people to learn writing/reading as well as speaking as a package.  However, it is my preference and I have used NHK World Easy Japanese basic series for a student in the past.

Pros:  It is free!  There are plenty of audio and video supporting materials as well as the written text sheet for each lessons.  The website is full of learning tools.

Cons:  The only problem for Japanese learners in U.K is that the radio program and its supporting materials are in American English.  So you listen to the radio program conducted in American English with some Japanese.  The translation doesn’t sound right to British English speakers.  Well, you get the gist of it..

*I don’t recommend this program to people who wants to learn writing/reading, though.  I will be writing about the textbook that I use and recommend in seperate articles.

Anyway, NHK World Easy Japanese is still a great learning tool. It is free!  Why not try?