Fukuoka – Uminonakamichi

Uminonakamichi is a thin peninsula connecting the eastern district part of the city with Shikanoshima Island (I will talk about Shikanoshima Island in a separate article).  They have managed to accommodate the dual carriage way but nothing else in the narrow part.

Uminonakamichi is like a huge theme park and consists of a few different sections including Seaside Park, Sunshine Pool and Marine World.  The whole thing is run not by the local council or a private operator but by the central government.

My sister lives 20-30min away from Uminonakamichi Park by car.  We used to go there when my daughter was younger.  To be honest, I don’t like massive Sunshine Pool with so many people and a long queue for any water slide.  It doesn’t give me [value for money] which is becoming like my motto as I age (beautifully..).

Marine World Aquarium is a world-class aquarium.  It is amazing. But, I can’t afford to go there many times. The admission is on the high side.  And, they have dolphin show… I don’t like caged animals much. I have seen the show with my toddling daughter in the past and it was entertaining at the time.  I changed my mind about it recently after watching a documentary about the dolphins in shows.  So not for me.

What I really want to recommend is cycling in Uminonakamichi Seaside Park.  It is fantastic.  It is cheap and jolly!  The park is so large that you can’t possibly walk to all areas anyway. Hire a bike. Rental bicycle huts are located at two of the entrances (I think I always used North one).

There are a few playground areas, Meet the Animal area, craft workshops and more. It is just huge (in my native Japanese eyes).  Admission is cheap. Renting bike is reasonable, too.  Enjoy the ride!